Ojai, CA, 13-JUNE-2013 - Ojai Village Pharmacy is pleased to announce that headache pain can be relieved naturally using a topical cream available at the Ojai pharmacy or at the dedicated web pages online. Dr. Fred's Meds pain relief cream is all natural. Better yet, it doesn't reek of menthol or wintergreen. The idea of using an external cream to relieve pain of headaches may be a new concept to many people, Yet, it is effective for headache pain and for many other types of painful conditions.

The pain relief cream has been labeled as a miracle solution for pain of many kinds. The smell is not unpleasantly overwhelming as many of the analgesic creams are. It is effective in reducing or eliminating pain, with consistent use. This makes the product a popular alternative to chemically based topical applications. There is no danger of harmful effects. Dr. Fred's Miracle Rub is FDA approved.

The ingredient list for the cream includes histamine dihydrochloride, penetrating agents to promote deep tissue health, pain relievers, muscle relaxants and nerve conduction retardants. There are joint lubricants and anti-inflammatory agents as well. The histamine dihydrochloride is helpful in increasing blood flow.

The product works against headache pain, but it also is effective against many other types of aches and pains quickly. It can be used to relieve bruises, sprains, aches and other painful conditions. Users find relief from backache, arthritis and similar conditions. It is a helpful and successful option for painkillers.

Dr. Fred's Miracle Rub never leaves the skin feeling greasy or inflamed. It is easy to apply. The cream can be applied up to four times each day. The rapidity of effectiveness depends on the type of pain and the location. It may be necessary to use it several times initially to experience relief, but then maintenance mode is enough to ward off further painful episodes.

Learn more about relieving pain of headaches and other conditions through the pain relief cream described at the links found at http://www.drfredsmeds.com today. Members of the press and others who have further questions about the cream and how to use it should use the contact information described below.

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