Ojai, CA, 02-JULY-2013 - Ojai Village Pharmacy is pleased to announce that topical pain alleviation is available with the natural pain relief cream known as Dr. Fred's Meds. The product doesn't contain wintergreen or menthol, so the external cream is much easier to use. Another benefit is that the cream is not greasy. It works on a large number of ailments, include headache, joint pain, arthritis, and bruises.

A spokesman for the cream reminded users, "The term 'miracle' applies to the Dr. Fred's pain relief cream on many levels. It works on many different kinds of pain and doesn't cause drowsiness or organ damage like some painkillers. The smell is not unpleasant. The product is approved for use by the Food and Drug Administration."

"The cream is available at the Ojai pharmacy", he continues, "as well as at the web pages for the product found at our website. You can order the cream securely online. You can also take a look at the ingredient list to see that there is nothing that is harmful or dangerous to you."

The ingredients include histamine dihydrochloride, pain relievers, penetrating agents for enhancing deep health of the tissues, muscle relaxers, and joint lubricants. The cream also features anti-inflammatory agents and nerve conduction retardants. Histamine dihydrochloride is known for its ability to improve blood circulation.

Using the pain relief cream is easy and pleasant. It doesn't inflame the skin when applied and it doesn't feel greasy. This means that the cream can be applied as much as four times daily. The type of pain will effect how fast relief is felt. Some pains are alleviated after only a few applications, others require more effort and time to be effective. Once relief is felt, the user can go into maintenance mode.

Learn more about relieving painful episodes and conditions through the pain relief cream described at the links found at http://www.drfredsmeds.com today. Members of the press and others who have additional questions about the cream and its benefits should use the contact information presented below.

Product: Dr. Fred's Miracle Rub
Company: Ojai Village Pharmacy
Address: 202 East Ojai Avenue, Ojai, CA
Contact Telephone Number: (805) 646-7272
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.drfredsmeds.com