After coming off a horrendous game against the Pirates, Mike Pelfrey (3-4 5.56) is going to take the mound vs. Randy Wolf (4-4 3.69). Both pitchers have been struggling as of late.

One stat is is intriguing is that Mike Pelfrey has held the Brewers to .170 average over his career.

Mets won the first game of the three game series, and are looking for their fourth straight victory. Meanwhile, the Brewers are still very hot at home with an outstanding, league best 21-8 at home this season. Reyes has an 11 game hit streak, and leads the majors in many categories going into game two.

To start the game, Jose Reyes doubled to right center field, bringing his average to over .340 on the year. Mets couldn't score him.

In the top of the third, with Tejada on second and Reyes on first, Turner flied out and Beltran grounded out into a fielders choice. The Mets had blown 2 opportunities with a runner in scoring position twice in two innings (1st and 3rd).

In what seemed like forever, Bay, in the 4th inning, got beaned, and Bay finally made it on the base path. Paulino then killed a curveball, hitting it the opposite way to right field. Bay then moved to third base. The Mets, with a runner on third base with less then 2 outs, bring the runner home 47 percent of the time.

While Nick Evans was up with Bay and Paulino on the corners, Randy Wolf made his first career balk to bring home Bay, and the first run of the ball game. Randy Wolf began his career in 1999, and never experienced a balk. Nick Evans, struck out on the 3-2 fastball swinging with Paulino on 2nd base.

With the announcer for the Mets, Gary Carter suggesting to intentionally walk Tejada for Pelfrey, the Brewers decided to pitch to Tejada and were able to get him to fly out to left field, and Randy Wolf stopped the damage quick, only allowing one silly, idiotic run.

Pelfrey came out struggling after he received the lead. Ryan Braun singled, and with a 3-0 count to Prince Fielder, Pelfrey threw a sinker, that didn't sink, and was right down the middle. Yes, you guessed correctly, Prince Fielder hit has 16th home run of the season to give the Brew Crew 2-1 lead. Pelfrey settled down getting the next two batters out.

In the 5th inning we saw something we haven't seen in a long time, Reyes struck out looking at fastball on the inner half of the plate. He was clearly looking for a curveball, that was great pitching by Wolf there.

With only 72 pitches, Scott Hairston pinch hit for Mike Pelfrey. He pitched solidly, this was a questionable call. With Paulino on 1st base with 2 outs, was it really worth pinch hitting Murphy, and using the bullpen for more innings? The Mets have done very well with increasing starting pitching's pitch count early in games. Wolf, who pitched 109 pitches was taken out of the game for Kameron Loe to face Daniel Murphy. The first pitch, Murphy killed a liner on one hop to Rickie Weeks, who made a spectacular play to get Murphy out at first.

In the 8th inning, Reyes starts off the comeback again. Reyes gets an infield hit, Turner walks with Beltran up and 0 outs. Beltran pulled a ground ball down the 1st base line that went all the way down to the corner. Reyes scored, Turner to 3rd and Beltran to 2nd with an RBI double. With Turner on 3rd and Beltran on 2nd, Pagan batting clean-up for the first time this year, hit an RBI single scoring Turner, scooting Beltran to 3rd, still with 0 outs. With Bay up Pagan stole 2nd, do get out of double play chance. Bay struck out yet once again.

Paulino 3-3 before his next at bat, had 2 runners on in scoring position. Paulino turned on the Kameron Loe breaking ball, and killed the ball for a three run home run.The score was 6-2 in the 8th inning.

With Beato pitching again in the 8th inning, being somewhat overused, Beato gave up 2 hits and 1 walk, one crucial hit to Braun, who lined a left center double to bring home two. That cut the lead to 6-4. Isringhausin came in, and Fielder smacked his 2nd home-run of the game with Braun on base to tie the game at 6 a piece. Isringhausin got  out of the inning with the score tied.

Dale Thayer on the mound, allowed a single to Craig Counsell. Rickie Weeks on a 3-2 count checked his swing but called strike three, but Counsell stole second base. Nyjer Morgan up next lines a pitch right down the the right field line to end the game in the bottom of the 9th. A walk-off RBI single.

The score was 7-6 Brewers winning.

Dale Thayer took the lose. Thayer took his first loss of the season. The Mets didn't have many options in the 9th innings having only Thayer Acosta and Francisco Rodriguez. John Axford the closer, took the win with a scoreless 9th inning now with a record of 2-1. Mike Pelfrey pitched a bounce back performance allowing only 2 earned runs in 6 innings, while only pitching 72 pitches. Randy Wolf also bounced back pitching 6 2/3 innings allowing only 1 run, the balk.

Mets, now 29-32 had a very sloppy 8th innings against a very good Brewers team especially at home (22-8). Mets are still only 3 games out of .500 on the season and 7.5 games out of first place. Reyes is always right in the middle of the Mets comebacks, but Paulino was the factor in this game, at least for the Mets. Ronny Paulino went 4-4, hitting in the clutch with his first home run of the year. It was much needed, as the Mets haven't seen many of those things called home runs.  Carlos Beltran also made a clutch double to tie the game at 2 a piece and really get the Mets going.

Though all that wasn't enough, as the three and four hitters of the Milwaukee Brewers combined for six of the seven RBI's for the Brewers. Prince Fielder might be the best hitter in the league, and it is very frighting when he is at the plate versus your favorite team.

It seems to me like Coach Terry Collins is overusing all of his relief pitchers. Pedro Beato and Jason Isringhausin gave up the 4 run lead, but they were in last night as well. Does Collins really think Isringhausin can pitch every day? They didn't even know if he could pitch in the beginning of the season. "Izzy" has done very well, but he can't pitch every night. Pelfrey had 72 pitches, and was taken out. Still makes no sense to me at least. Then, because of this, Collins had to settle for Dale Thayer in the 9th innings with the score tied, because he used Byrdek, Parnell, Beato, Isringhausin all in two innings that Pelfrey could have pitched.

Although I didn't like the decision to take out Big Pelf, Collins deserves a lot of credit for what he has done so far for the Mets. Being only three games away from .500 is very good with the team he throws on the field every day.

The Brew crew are a scary team, but the Mets need to bounce back and get the series win to help guide this road trip in the right direction.

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