The Miami Dolphins return home this Sunday against the 4-1 Pittsburgh Steelers. The Dolphins have lost both their home games so this is very important. Miami has to establish a running game early and pound them. They also need to sprinkle in some wildcat and short passes. This is why we brought in Marshall and are paying him the big bucks. The defense needs to put Big Ben under pressure and force them to run it on you. I expect Cameron Wake to have a good game, the Steelers weakest point is their Tackles, if Miami can exploit that they're in good shape. Don't expect Henne to go over 300 yards like in past weeks, he just needs to manage the game and keep us close until the 4th quarter where we can make a chase at the victory. My 3 keys to victory are: 


Score Early: Miami has to have a good start and score a lot in the first half and get the Steelers in a big hole early. Expect some wildcat and occasional deep bombs to Marshall.


Pound On The Ground: Miami must establish the run game. If they can beat the Steelers front line, they are in good shape. Ronnie and Ricky must have a combined 200 yards Sunday for Miami to win with some breathing room.


Are You Ready For The EarthqWAKE?: Cameron Wake must hit Ben and stop the runners. I expect him to have a sack and many tackles. The whole defense must follow his lead and stuff the Steelers at game time. 


My Prediction: 24-21 Miami!