The Miami Dolphins have recently gone through a tough stretch against two divisional opponents, both at home. These losses hurt, but remember, Miami beat both Buffalo (not that difficult) and the Vikings both on the road. Maybe Miami is just better on the road because they looked there good in the beginning. This game is really important, if we can bank on at least the Pats or Jets losing, then Miami will be 3-2, only 1 game back for the division lead. If you flip the equation however, then Miami will be 2-3, and in a very tough spot. Miami needs to begin running the ball and play tough football. We have big guys like Incognito and Long, use them. Also, Miami is unsure of the status of star QB Aaron Rodgers. Miami's preparing as if he's starting, and reports have come out that things are looking up, but they just may be reports to throw the Dolphins off. If backup Matt Flynn starts, Miami must rattle him. If they can get pressure, they can do just fine and recover from Monday Night's meltdown. Here are my 3 keys to victory:


  Special Teams- The Finz must fix the mistakes they made against the Pats. If they can be error free, and get good field position, we're in good shape. It all depends who wins the field position war.

Get Back To Your Identity- Miami has become a passing offense... NO! Run first, just because we got a beast at receiver does not mean we should go all out on passing the ball. We have one of the best tandems in Ricky and Ronnie, we must get back to doing what we do best, pounding on the ground.

Marshall vs. Woodson- We got two players arguably the best at their position going at it in Charles Woodson and Marshall. If Marshall can break free and allow of good balance of passing and running, Miami can have this one. 


My Prediction- 17-13, Miami!   (Go To Finzcrush.Com For More Finz!)