By now I'm sure many of you have heard about the controversial call made by Jerry Meals during the Braves 19th inning win over the Pirates. Once again we will hear the requests for replay. NFL, NBA, and NHL all have it. So why not baseball?

Baseball is the only sport out there that has remained true to itself. Baseball games are not set by quarter lengths so it can be pretty drawn out at times. Replay only slows things down. So what do you do about calls like the one that cost the Pirates the game?

You make umpires accountable for their mistakes. If Little Tommy the paper boy messes up his paper route what happens? He gets fired. You and I can be fired from our jobs for not doing them the correct way. So why can't umpires be held to those same standards?

Jerry Meals blown call wasn't just a small mistake. Stevie Wonder could have made that call. It was nowhere in the remote vicinity of Martin Prado being safe. So what is Jerry Meals doing tonight. He is a 3rd base umpire for the Braves vs Pirates game. It's a complete joke how baseball handles things. David Ortiz and Kevin Gregg get punished for doing wrong. So why can't umpires?