Yesterday it became official that the Insight Bowl has leapfrogged the Holiday Bowl in the pecking order for Big 12 teams. According to the Omaha World Herald's Rich Kaipust, the Insight Bowl will have the third pick of Big 12 teams after the BCS has made its selection. The teams picking ahead of the Insight Bowl are the Cotton Bowl and Alamo Bowl.

The three teams ahead of the Holiday Bowl all now payout $3 million or more per team (the Alamo Bowl having just upped its payout to leapfrog the Holiday Bowl in January). But the Holiday Bowl was resistant to getting into a bidding war and as a result now picks fourth from the Big 12.

For the time being, that would match-up a third-place Pac-10 school with a fourth place Big 12 school. That's a change as last season the Holiday Bowl took...

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