by Brandt Corbin

    As suggested earlier in the week here at; one of the biggest keys to our success is goaltending, more so the backup position. And... after one night of pre-season could we have a goaltending controversy? Some of you maybe rolling your eyes, but there are two facts after last nights games. #1 Chris Mason was rotten in Columbus allowing 5 goals on 19 shots many of the goals let in had a horrible odour. His 14 saves my friends is a 74% save percentage. I will repeat one more time, Mason’s 3.39 g.a.a last season is 100% unacceptable this season.

    The other fact is this, Mason’s biggest threat is David Aebsicher. The former Avalanche standout was rock solid at the MTS Center, stopping all 9 shots he faced. What will happen if this trend continues? The last thing anyone wants with the Jets, is having a goaltender that the players and coaches do not believe in.  Jim Ralph, color commentator of the Toronto Maple Leafs said it best on Tuesday night, “if your backup goaltender is 5-6 games under .500, you’re not going to make the playoffs.”

     The next 2 weeks is about to get very interesting, others aside from Chris Mason could be in jeopardy of losing their jobs. If the team insists on keeping those who have not earned their positions, we’ll be right back to accepting failure, which is the spot this franchise has been in since day 1 of its existence.