A juicing diet is not something entirely new. It is a variation of the water fast which has been observed bin many religions and cultures over the world for centuries. The diet based on juicing is more beneficial than the water fast because it provides your body with the essential nutrients while cleansing your body thoroughly. Our body gathers very harmful toxins on a daily basis from the food we eat. Cultivators are using toxic pesticides and chemical fertilisers in the hope of reaping more benefits. Serving huge populace with adequate amount of food is a great challenge which has led to the use of chemicals in agriculture. It directly affects our health as the chemicals get stored in our body and we cannot easily get rid of them. When our cells become full with toxins they lose their capacity of functioning appropriately. Juice cleanse is vital for cleansing out the chemicals and it also prevents some very dire diseases like liver and intestinal cancers. Juicing also helps in keeping your weight in control and makes your skin glow with health. It is necessary to know the norms of this diet so that you don’t make any mistakes. Every diet has some special rules and regulations. Following them help you in getting the best results. 


The Dos of Juicing Diet:
•    Do not stop physical activity completely but regulate it and decrease the amount of exercise you do every day. Exercising is very important for fitness and well being. During this diet you will be consuming fewer calories than usual. Calories are needed for giving us energy for working and all sorts of physical activities. Restricting your physical movements will help you store some energy. If you lose too much energy you might start feeling dizzy. Take walks in the morning and evening to feel refreshed. Choose days when the work pressure is low for keeping juice fast.


•    Remember you cannot touch dairy products, meat or fish during the fast. You can just drink juices of veggies and fruits. Use fresh herbs and find new juice recipes that will suit your taste bud. You may add herbs and spices for flavouring but do not use sugar or colors. Fruit juices are naturally sweet and contain higher amounts of sugar than the veggie juices. So make sure your juices contain more vegetables and less fruits.
The Don’ts of Juicing Diet:


•    Do not add too much ginger in your juices. Though most juicing recipes consist of ginger, you should strictly use only half an inch and no more ginger in your juices. 


•    Make sure you do not eat veggies which are not organic. 


•    You cannot eat any solid food during this diet or else the whole thing will become ineffective. Juicer diet is beneficial for people who want to lose weight.