If you are on the lookout for a new pair of prescription sunglasses or glasses, then this article is perfect for you. There are lots of stunning and diverse designs of glasses available at the moment. All you need to do is take a look on the internet and see the wealth of options at your disposal. So, how do you narrow down your search and find the best prescription glasses and sunglasses for you? You read on of course! We have put together an elusive list of the top five glasses styles you should be wearing in 2013. Not only will you be given information about the style of the glasses, but you will also be provided with insight into the celebrity fans of the glasses, as well as top tips on how to dress when wearing a particular style of glasses.

Rounded glasses

The fashion world is well and truly going crazy for rounded glasses at the moment! This is a trend that works just as well for prescription sunglasses as it does prescription glasses. There is something extremely nostalgic and romantic about this type of frame. Think back to the days where life was more laid back and John Lennon played on the radio – if this sounds appealing to you, then this trend is right up your street. Celebrity fans of this old school trend include; Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Fergie, Kat Graham, Anna dello Russo, Kourtney Kardashian, Lady Gaga, Kelly Osbourne, and Miley Cyrus.

How do you wear this trend? If you are purchasing prescription glasses for everyday use then team with an oversized blazer and a satchel. If you are buying prescription sunglasses then have fun and don’t take the trend to seriously. You shouldn’t go for bold and vibrant styles because these contrast with the laid back feel of the glasses.

Colourful frames

It is time to bin the black; it’s boring! Bring some colour to your life with a vivid shade of frame for your prescription sunglasses or prescription glasses. This trend is great for when you are in a rush and struggling to put an outfit together. Why? Well, because your glasses are a statement accessory and thus they’ll capture all of the attention and turn the plainest of dresses into a five star ensemble. Celebrity fans of this trend include; Jessica Alba, Gwen Stefani, Paris Hilton, Sienna Miller, Keri Hilson and Rachel Bilson.

When choosing the right coloured glasses for you, you need to bear in mind your complexion. Do you have a warm or cool complexion? If you have a warm skin tone, eye colour and hair colour then you can opt for the likes of coral, orange, and a warm blue. Alternatively, if you have a cool complexion then colours such as jade, silver and plum work well. The way you rock these glasses all depends on the colour you are going to go for.

When buying prescription sunglasses and / or prescription glasses it is always important to consider style too. After all, nobody wants to wear ugly glasses, do they? If you are looking for a stylish pair of sunglasses or glasses then all you need to do is select one of the five designs mentioned in this article. Each style of glasses is extremely different from the other, and this is why this trend has a style to suit all wearers; no matter whether you deem yourself to be extremely fashionable, into sporty style, or someone who likes laidback casual glam.