As we reach the final two weeks of the year, the Chicago White Sox are wrapping up a disappointing 2013 season. By now, White Sox fans are well aware of the problems this team has had for the majority of the year. The hitting has been bad, the defense awful, and the baserunning has been a joke. About the only consistent aspects of the team have been the starting pitching and their closer.

With the season winding down, I only have a few things to say. First, this might be Paul Konerko’s last season. Even though the team is hard to watch, try to tune into a few games down the stretch to see the final at-bats of one of the greatest players in franchise history. Second, the White Sox have some building blocks for a quick turnaround. While, I don’t expect a playoff run next year, they should at least be around .500. Third and finally, be sure to pay attention to the offseason. The White Sox have plenty of cash to spend by dumping most of their high salary players. Also, with a horrible 2013 season, I expect general manager Rick Hahn and Kenny Williams to be very active this winter.

On that note, this will be my last update for the 2013 season. I realize I haven’t posted anything in quite a while due to the poor play, and the beginning of football has occupied my blogging time. However, I will be posting from time to time during the offseason, especially if anything newsworthy should happen.

-Eric Tichelbaut

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