Today the fashion element rich and varied, with the magic of sunglasses as a fashion single product, occupy a place that cannot be ignored in the fashion. Today, cheap oakley sunglasses can not only shade, anti-ultraviolet to the influx of people, but also to bring fashion, beautiful sense, it has not only a protective vision products, becoming a modern family Dress up, pretending to be cool embodies the personal style of the decorations.
The red lens is recommended for use in changeable weather conditions.
Yellow lenses are suitable in the light of early morning, evening or rainy environments.
Transparent lenses to protect the eyes in motion, to avoid damage by dust and other foreign matter, the best eye protection in cold climates.
The smoked lenses apply to the sunny days of winter or the sun dark.
The orange lenses natural visual effects, high contrast lens, the most suitable for normal walking on the street when wearing, also applies to other intermittent light changes in the environment.
Brown lenses can weaken the glare caused by glare shot from all angles maximizing visual clarity.
Apply laser lens, snow or on boats on the beach at wonderful sunshine, reflecting particularly strong environment.
Wearing discount oakley sunglasses can help people to effectively protect the eyes. An American eye specialist cautioned that people should choose to wear yellow or amber lens sunglasses, not blue lenses to avoid the risk of certain eye diseases.
Ophthalmology at Columbia University Professor Janet Sparrow is studying whether the Blu-ray in the sunlight is one of the causes that lead to macular degeneration.
Sparrow pointed out that, with the growth of the age, the retinal cells photosensitive compounds together more. The blue light is able to activate these compounds, and to promote the release of harmful free radicals.
The experts say, yellow or amber lenses to filter harmful blue light, thus reducing the amount of into the eyes of the Blu-ray, and blue lenses will be "singled out" Blu-ray. She therefore recommended that, no matter what age, the vast majority of people should not be wearing blue lens cheap oakleys sunglasses.