The Detroit Tigers' lead in the AL Central may be shrinking, but Miguel Cabrera's offensive numbers are not. 

The 2012 Triple Crown-winning hitting machine has done it again.

Making jaws drop with every swing is the norm for Cabrera, who leads Major League Baseball with an astonishing .368 batting average and 90 RBI. He's second in home runs with 28, five behind Baltimore's Chris Davis, who leads baseball with 33. 

Both Davis and Cabrera punish baseballs--that we know. However, Yahoo! Sports' screen grab of Cabrera's connection with one Sunday defies logic. 

The photo shows Cabrera's bat literally flattening one side of the ball, just milliseconds before it ricochets off his bat and into the stands in Cleveland. Detroit lost 9-6, but Cabrera's pancaking of the ball is worth a second look. 

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