March Madness is usually a good stage for potential lottery picks to try and improve their draft stock.  You've underclassmen who are yet to decide whether or not to make the jump; you've got seniors who are trying to prove that they didn't hurt themselves by coming back for another year.

With all the talk about Jimmer Fredette, Kemba Walker, Nolan Smith and so on, I'm convinced that Arizona'a "All-everything" Derrick Williams is the best NBA prospect in the tournament.  He's got the size (6'8", 240), has the inside game and shoots well from the perimeter.

Having seen his game saving block against Memphis, then the clutch 3-point play against Texas, this guys is just made for the big time.  He could very well be the reason that Arizona make their first Final Four since 2001; this coming after missing the tournament last year.  Arizona also won the regular season Pac-10 title, something that they hadn't done since 2005.

Besides trying to chase a national title, what else is there for Williams to prove?  I won't be surprised if he declares for the draft, especially when he could be the potential 1st overall pick.  I'm not exactly familiar with how the scouting and draft process goes, but what I do know is that big men (especially those who can play) don't usually stay on the board for long.l