The No. 11 team have done it again. For the second year in a row Denny Hamlin's pit crew have won the Pit Crew Challenge beating the defending NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champions, the 48 Lowe's team. The 11 and 48 teams, who finished 1-2 in the 2010 points, battled it out in the finals to find out who has the best and fastest pit crew in the sport.

                   "Any time we can beat the 48 ... it's especially gratifying to beat them. And going back-to-back is especially gratifying, too. But we'd trade this in a heartbeat to beat 'em at the end of the year -- when it counts." Wood said.

                    Just like last year, the victory of the 11 team gives Hamlin the opportunity to choose first, which pit stall he wants for the All Star race Saturday night.

                    Stewart's crew and Bowyer's crew won in the individual category when members of both teams broke records in the individual skills competition. The winners of the individual category won $10,000 and the winning team recieved $70,675.

                   "The thing was, those old records were on short wheel studs. That tells you how far all these tire changers have come."  Kreuter said.


   Congratulations to the No. 11 FedEx Toyota team for being the first pit crew to win the pit crew challenge 2 years straight!