I was going to do two separate posts here for the infield and outfield, but I think that guys like Delwyn Young and Steve Pearce make the two decisions more or less inextricable. Let's start with the starters and go from there. Around the horn we've got:

Ryan Doumit, C Garrett Jones, Steve Pearce, or Jeff Clement, 1B Akinori Iwamura, 2B Andy LaRoche, 3B Bobby Crosby or Ronny Cedeno, SS Lastings Milledge, LF Andrew McCutchen, CF Garrett Jones, Steve Pearce, Brandon Moss, or Ryan Church, RF

That leaves us with, essentially, two decisions to make. The shortstop decision is the sort of thing that only Pirate fans worry about. Bobby Crosby or Akinori Iwamura? Would you rather drop an anvil on your foot or smash your fingers with a hammer? I do think that both guys are assured roster spots,...

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