By Brad VanFossan



I don't know what would have been so bad about an interim head coach for part of this season, or even an interim coaching staff?  What's the point of running Pat Shurmur out there week after week, watching him call the same four plays, and playing not to lose, which more often than not results in losing.  When you have a young team, and especially a rookie quarterback, who in this case has a strong arm, you would think you would cater the offense to his strengths.  And form a game plan and play call to give your young team confidence that you think they can win, not try to kick a couple field goals, or trip your way to a touchdown and then try to kill the clock for three and a half quarters.


And for this abysmal coaching hire, I blame Mike Holmgren, fortunately for Browns fans he's on his way out the door after this season, but not before setting the team back a couple, or maybe even a few years before his rotund buttocks is hit by the door while riding his golf cart into the sunset, or a Sunset Buffet (we'll just pretend there is such a franchise).  I think even Pat Shurmur knows he's going to be fired, if he doesn't, well then everyone else in Cleveland and Northeast Ohio does, or he's just in denial.  Kinda like me not wanting to come to grips with the fact that pumpkin spice latte's probably have a thousand calories in them.  I'll just run it off the next day, uh huh right, that's it.


But now that we all know that Browns owner James Haslam is going to give head coach Pat Shurmur a pink slip as a late Christmas gift (better than jelly of the month in my opinion), should quarterback Brandon Weeden be nervous as well?  Keep in mind new President Joe Banner and the aforementioned Mr. Haslam did not draft Weeden this past April.  They are looking at him like frog entrails under a microscope, and I don't think they are thrilled that the parts are 29 years old.  One good thing going for Weeden, is that there is a nice chunk of money that is owed to him, and there isn't a stud quarterback coming out of college this year, unlike last year with Robert Griffin III and Andrew Luck.  Of course not when the Browns are going to possibly have a top three or even top two pick, maybe even the first overall if they don't win a game.  Of course there's not.  A day late, or thirteen years late, and millions of dollars short in the Browns case.  Just ask Tim Couch, Derek Anderson, Charlie Frye, Trent Dilfer, Jeff Garcia, Brady Quinn, Colt McCoy, Kelly Holcomb, Spurgeon Wynn, Luke McCown, Doug Pederson, and Jake Delhomme all about being a Browns quarterback and how that works out, and those are only the guys I could remember off the top of my head who have started since 1999, sadly there are even more, oh yeah Ken Dorsey is another, but I digress. 


I'm going to use a phrase that I hate just to point out that I hate it.  At the end of the day  (can you guess the phrase now?), Brandon Weeden is on a short leesh.  My educated guess is that he will get one more year under the tutilidge of a new coach and watchful eyes of the new owner and president, but don't be completely shocked if the Browns go in a different direction as early as week one of the 2013 season.