Ok, I haven't been doing very well in my own pick'em competition so I thought I'd change things around a bit and pick the matches after they've been played. I think I can do much better this way. So that being said, I pick Peng over Radwanska, Larsson over Stephens and I'll go on the line here, even though the match isn't over and pick Cuevas over Anderson. No, actually, these matches have not been played and here's my picks and why: Frank "Dancy" Dancevic v Joao Sousa Dancy's one of my favorite players. Like Groth and DBrown and Llodra and maybe a little Steve Darcis, he's one of the few guys around any more who hits a sweet one hander and comes up to the net a lot. (Maybe DBrown should hit a one hander. It might help him.) Also, I can't pick a guy in the US Open names Joao.

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