Captain America pulled up lame last night with a rib cage injury.  An injury that he has been playing with for the past 10 days  10 DAYS.So am I the only one who is going to question why Wright would play for Team USA when he know that he is already nursing an injury?Am I the only one who is going to question the purpose of the WBC?And why, why is David Wright, fresh off of a big contract signing, playing these games nursing a rib cage injury?  What did he think? It was going to vanish with some Ben Gay and gauze pads? Didn't he learn anything from the injury to the multi-million first baseman of the Yankees?  I'm a long distance runner.  Why am I the only athlete that needs at least three days to recover from a sore muscle?  Honestly,  what is Wright thinking?As I stated last week, I don't believe in playing in the World Baseball Classic.  I think the players are not ready play at an intense level.  Would Wright have gotten hurt playing for the Mets in St. Lucie?  Well apparently he tweaked something but instead of caution and rest, he decided to play the games and now he may wind up on the DL.Nice job.