If there is one thing that we can be certain about in the 2013 NBA draft, it is uncertainty. With only one day remaining before draft day, it seems that there are no guarantees, only educated guesses. While the names of the top 10 draft picks seem to remain the same, the order could not be more tangled. A few weeks ago I thought for sure my favorite flat-top, Nerlens Noel, would be the first-pick, but now Alex Len and Ben McLemore among others may have their shot as the number one overall draft pick. With the uncertainty of the first overall pick, it really leaves the draft up to chance, which as a fan makes it that much more exciting.

This year the Kings have the 7th pick in the draft. In the many articles I have read, I have seen seven names being tossed around for the Kings pick. With this draft class supposedly being the “weakest” in recent years, I can’t get too excited, although with the Kings under new ownership along with a new GM and the undeniable talent of the draft pool, I still have hope. The name that most excites me is Trey Burke, the beast out of Michigan who made a big name for himself earlier this year during March Madness. The Kings have been in desperate need of a good point guard since Mike Bibby was traded many moons ago and Burke could be just the person to both lead this team and help change the direction of the franchise.

Other names analysts are throwing out there for the Kings first round draft pick are Rudy Gobert from France, Cody Zeller from Indiana, Steven Adams from Pittsburgh, CJ McCollum from Lehigh, Otto Porter from Georgetown and Michael Carter-Williams from Syracuse. All of these players would bring new excitement to the team and to the city which in turn would help Kings fans once again believe.

All will be decided tomorrow in Brooklyn, New York as D-Day is upon us. With low expectations and little hope in the city of Sacramento, let’s hope tomorrow brings a ray of sunshine to the capitol city.