The cubs may never win the World Series and that's ok.  Any sports owner will tell you that a championship is the goal but on Chicago's north side it would appear as an after thought.


  Wrigley field is a must see destination for any baseball history buff, but its also party central.  Recently I made the trip to see my beloved Cubbies in action for the first time since I moved from home over a decade ago. I remembered the walk to the stadium through a quirky neighborhood. The walk to the beer stand was the same, and the ivy green as ever but soon I saw the changes.


 The cubs where down by 7 and the game was all but over after a throwing error had let in 2 more runs. In my youth the crowd full of Cubbie die hards would be screaming from the historic bleachers but today the stands where full of college aged coeds dancing to organ music versions of popular songs and drinking old style beer. My mind clicked!  Cubs fans are now fans of being cubs fans. Being see at Wrigley is more important than cheering for the home team, being tagged in a photo near the statue of Harry Carray is now a bigger deal than throwing back an opposing teams home run ball.

 .  It has taken some time but I am at peace with this now.  Wins and loses will come and go, and surely enough loses will come more often, yet Wrigley field will be sold out, full of frenzied young cubs fans looking for the next facebook photo op.  In my heart of hearts I know that a few fans of the game will be sprinkled in the stadium waiting for their chance to say, "I remember when the Cubs won the series!"  I hope I can be one of those to say that, but if not I'll be ok.