Crop tops are fashionable clothing items, which have been around since the 1980's, originally designed for working out in fashion designers, saw the crop top as a blank canvas for a whole range of designs, materials and styles to be created. When looking to purchase a crop top there's a lot of thought required to ensure you purchase the right one for you.

When looking into buying crop tops there's a lot to consider. If you are deciding on one to go clubbing in the middle of December the more clothes the better but nobody wants to be seen on the club scene in baggy jumpers and cover-ups so the question is how to solve this. By adding a fashionable blazer as a jacket this can be worn all night and look great whilst also being practical in keeping you warm. Crop tops can also come with long sleeves in a range of materials. Boots can be a striking alternative to stilettos and look just as nice, and the bonus is they never go out of fashion. They are easier to walk in and keep your feet warmer; it's a win-win situation

The price range of crop tops is great, you can find some for under 5 then others in the region of 500 and beyond! You need to decide just how often you plan to wear the top to justify the expenditure on it. A crop top isn't highly versatile, it's not something you could wear for work, or a family gathering, trip to the shops etc it really is an occasion top so for this you could either think it is worth splurging on as a special occasion purchase or you could think for the amount of times, realistically, you will wear it then saving on cost is important.

To conclude, if you have the perfect figure then crop tops can really boost your finer assets in a classic and stunning way. The crop top has been around for decades and is definitely one of those items that are here to stay. Whether you are looking to work out at the gym or dance the night away in a nightclub or at a party then this could be the perfect choice.