The process of window cleaning needs to be done systematically. It calls for one to take their time and dedicate their time to achieve very good results. The end result is a window that is sparkling clean. The first time may not bear the best results but with time things will improve and one will end up getting better at it. That is the essence of practice, it yields perfection.

Begin with all the apparatus should be gathered. The two most important ones are a squeegee and an applicator which is a scrubber in this case. The others are water and a suitable detergent. The water should be just the correct amount for the number of windows that are to be cleaned. The apparatus must be within reach before any work begins if not one will end up with half done work.

The scrubber is used to apply the detergent that has been used together with the water. It must be clean each and every time it is used on the surfaces. It also must be clean when used with a new window. It needs to be rinsed every time it is used on a new window pane or wherever it gets dirty. This is also the best way to ensure that the windows get as clean as possible.

Avoid doing cleaning when the sun is high up. This is because it heats up the glass surface and once the cleaning begins cracking may be caused. Cracks are caused because of the sudden change in temperature. This will of course mean having to change the entire pane. There may also be other streaking problems so avoid them by working when the temperature is good enough.

Use a good amount of water when doing the cleaning. This will help in removing most of the dirt. If cleaning inside a room the amount of water should very little so as not to pour it all over the place. If there are any wooden surfaces wipe them dry so that they do not get spoilt by water. Wipe everywhere too after finishing up.

Use the squeegee to dry off water completely. It needs placing in such a manner that it is worked at an angle. The angle should be such that the water flows away from the parts that are already dry. If not ugly lines will be formed and they are unsightly. Keep wiping the squeegee to remove any dirt that may be on its surface.

The squeegee is then used for final strokes. This time it has to be completely dry. Keep wiping it with a very dry cloth. Ensure that the cloth is lint free so as not to leave any lint on the surface of the window. The reason for this is to achieve a very clean window.

After achieving the intended outcome collect all the apparatus that was in use. Keep them away in a place that is completely dry and cool so that you will produce them for use at a later time. Window cleaning needs to be done periodically so storage is quite important.

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