Real Madrid medical team has said on Monday that Cristiano Ronaldo will be out for 2 or 3 weeks. However, although it seems impossible, the striker is planning to return sooner on September 15. That is when Real Madrid will be facing Ajax in Bernabeu on their first match of Champions league.

For fastening his recovery, Cristiano doubled the excercise. He considered that the match against Ajax is way too important to miss.

He goes to Valdebebas for daily exercise for over than 6 in the morning and afternoon session. He can only workout in the gym and pool, and not allowed on having training session on the field.

Kaka also doing the same exercise, and the two mates did the routine recovery schedule together.

But hearing that Ronaldo got injured just in time when he supposed to join  Portugal team for International competition led us to a question. Did he really got injured, or did he exaggerated it to avoid the Euro championship qualifier ? Afterall, Champions League opening match is more important for Real Madrid.

It's not a secret that players in a big club is an important asset, especially players with £80 million transfer fee. Definitely not worth on risking to play him out from Real Madrid competition.

As we all know, last year Cristiano Ronaldo got off easily from International duties from appearing on World Cup 2010 qualifiers. At that time, he had longer recovery, for more than 2 months.