There are wonderful stories of children getting out of bed on Christmas filled with great excitement. They would run to the tree and the gifts up under it. Happiness would spill over as each gift would be opened. The magic of a moment like this lives on in the memory forever. Eventually though, the children would gain fascinations with the packaging the presents came in plastic bags of air, boxes, and packing peanuts are able to unlock an imaginative world. There is a bunch to be said regarding creativity. This is one of the many reasons sock dolls are timeless creations enjoyed by countless.

The foundational sock dolls tended to be simple. They would consist of one sock. Buttons were used for eyes and the filling could be cotton, beans, or straw. Silly snakes could be the easiest. Using scraps of colored fabric hair could be cut and help distinguish human heads. Now children had a doll they could really related to. It would become a constant companion for many.

Eventually manufactured dolls gained prominence. These would look like imitation humans. They would eventually be able to walk, talk, cry, drink, and have a diaper change. Dolls would also evolve into action figures. There were now choices for boys and girls.

Yet in the undercurrent there is always a steady interest in dollies made of sox. This would be accomplished by the normal individual when machines were cranking out the ones with the industrial type appeal. Through the years the approaches to make these dolls has increased in sophistication. There is great joy in creating as well as designing them.

As the process matured, single socks could be more creatively used. The feet of single sox could be cut. The foot pieces could then be cut in halves. These would serve as the arms. The openings of the socks could be used as necks and heads. The arms would be sewed on. They would then be filled with stuffing.

Human doll forms are just the start. The arena of doll sox has increased to a professional level. From babies, angels, and lions to bears and humans filled with beads as the filling, the ideas can only be limited by the imagination. Now it is common place to have a doll made from multiple sox.

Different patterns and colors of stockings can definitely help the look. Having mixtures of thick, fuzzy sox with smooth thin ones can also be an aesthetic enhancer. They could be created to take the image of anyone. Selling them will serve as a sound way to make extra money. Excellent types will become a collectors item. And any of them could be passed down through multiple generations.

Great venues for sock dolls are fairs, carnivals, antique malls, and flea markets. Interest is continually increasing in all of them for four feet sizes to the ones that can be held in a childs hand. This is a wonderful means for anyone from young children to elderly adults to find relaxation and enjoyment.

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