Fashion, personality, leading, in the star's body is to play full time. Always bright, stylish image, Lotte, sunny personality and gain many fans Cherrie Ying, never lack understanding of fashion, control of popular, recent more endorsements fashion, personalized cheap oakleys glasses, also led a trend of wind.
Sunglasses are no longer simply used to block the Sun, more and more people will use sunglasses to show their unique taste and personality, fashion is the glasses as a facial barometer of pop. For trend-setting fashion people, glasses have become necessities of establishing personality, perhaps the fashion talent to be taken to select endorsements glasses was one of the reasons.
Select endorsements, Cherrie Ying told reporters, as the spokesmen of the glasses, she hopes to bring the most professional and stylish products to more young consumers, so that more girls more personalized style. Cherrie Ying also illustrates his understanding of personality and fashion--young confident, full of enthusiasm and vitality, constantly boiling the infinite charm. She stressed that the work of their favorite is fresh, simple, relaxed, also somewhat arbitrary, let body and mind can be completely released.
In an interview, Cherrie Ying said, "as young people, my fashion, as the lens of people, my understanding of fashion and has its own personality, accessories is almost harsh critical, stylish fine depiction of texture and detail, very fit and I understand and search for fashion, it can be said that it was love at first sight I. "Can show a variety of different glasses, cheap oakley sunglasses full of new products tailored for the young people, to better highlight their own young, distinctive side, for freedom-loving people, and had a fatal temptation. Adhere to our beliefs, true self expression, most vividly expressed the attitude of young people to live and to dream of perseverance. Is a perfect annotation on the lives of young people.
This Conference, the total show different styles of products. Under the wonderful performances of models, blossomed with 18 different styles of glasses out of the infinite personality of youthful vigor and grace argued that people feel that choosing the right pair of glasses can be the crowning touch. Eye General Cui told reporters that the current, more and more young people in the pursuit of personalized fashion, they seek a way life attitudes, develop the youth of different characteristics, glasses with stylish bold element is a design concept of youth, capturing young heart throbs and demands of contemporary young people fit.
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