Nebraska had a terrific run in the Big 8. The first five years or so of Big 12 play were strong too. Emotionally, you can see why staying in the Big 12 makes sense. But when you put aside nostalgia, there are plenty of reasons for NU to consider moving to the Big 10.

1) The Big 10 has a much better TV deal than the Big 12. That generates more money and more national exposure for a Nebraska program that has to recruit nationally.

2) When we dug into the data a few years back, we found that Big 10 teams also get a bump in the polls.

3) The Rose Bowl, 'nuff said.

4) Husker fans would get to see Nebraska play Michigan, Ohio State, Penn State, and Iowa on a regular basis.

5) Cupcakes like Indiana, Illinois, Minnesota, and Northwestern are a great way to stay bowl-eligible.

6) The Big 10...

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