Today the World Series Film hits stores everywhere. But here on Craving Cardinals, You now have a chance to get it for free. 


Thanks to A&E Home Entertainment/MLB Productions, I'm going to be have a little contest here on Craving Cardinals with the 3 winners getting a free copy of the 2011 World Series film. 

The 2011 World Series Film is narrated by St.Louis Native and Mad Men star Jon Hamm. The DVD goes behind the scenes giving you access to never before seen footage, and looks back at the Cardinals amazing Championship run. This year, the DVD is a 2 disc set with the first disc containing the film along with a bunch of cool bonus features. The 2nd disc shows Game 5 of the NLDS IN ITS ENTIRETY!!!! 


Here is how you win, I will give a Trivia Question, and the first 3 people to email me with the correct answer win the DVD's.  The Question is....

The Cardinals Won 11 Games during the 2011 Postseason. Name the Winning Pitcher AND the losing pitcher from each game the Cardinals won. Simple enough, you can email your answers to  [email protected] 


Thanks again to A&E Home Entertainment and MLB Productions for providing me with the DVD's I will have a review of the World Series Film up hopefully sometime tomorrow.


Good Luck!!!!!