New research shows that children with asthma, exposure to second-hand smoke, not only easy to suffer from attack of asthma, and worsen the disease ,increase the risk of hospitalization. The study says that, if children's secondhand smoke exposure frequency can be measured, make smoking family receive smoking cessation treatment, may be able to reduce the incidence of catching asthma in children and the probability of hospitalization.

Research staff analyzed more than 600 children's blood and the "Ding Ning" concentration in saliva . "Ding Ning" is the cigarette nicotine metabolite. By measuring Ding Ning concentration, we can know the seriousness of the situation of person's exposure to second-hand smoke and smoking cigarette.

The participation of children are between the ages of 1 to 16 years old. The researchers conducted the research from 2010 August to 2011 October, in the process will ask people who care for children, to understand the situation of children being exposed to smoke and second-hand smoke, tracked 12 months.

The results showed that, if there are Ding Ning blood and saliva due to the children's secondhand smoke exposure , later the risk of hospitalization is more than two times than that of children without exposure to second-hand smoke; if we can help those people who care for children to give up smoking, it may reduce asthma probability to go to hospital, further to reduce the cost of medical resources.

The researchers point out, if the child is in the emergency room because of asthma attacks , we can measure Ding Ning concentrations in plasma and saliva to predict the probability of hospitalization of future children; if the medical personnel can take an early intervention, in consultation with the child's parents, can avoid the child asthma attack again, reducing the risk of hospitalization.To completely get children rid of secondhand smoke,suggest parents quitting smoking and can take a Vamo V5 Starter Kit as a stop-smoking aid and more importantly,it can avoid harm of secondhand smoke and does not produce many kinds of harmful materials.Learn more details and please visit