The motorbike has shown its convenience as an appropriate mode of transport lately. The present increase in demand for this transport type is in proportion to the requirement for spare components for this type of vehicle. As such more outlets that stock the replaceable components are opening up even within the neighborhood. Honda Motorcycle Parts Sydney is among such suppliers selling particulate brand components.

Because the motorbike has replaceable components it is imperative for any supplier to stock most of such components. This is because such pieces get damaged during use or they get simply worn out and as such require replacement. Generally these are categorized into four main groups. These include the chassis transmission accessories and engine. The accessories may include the fuel injection and ignition systems. There are several components found under each of these four main groups.

The frame structure and suspension system constitute the motorbike backbone. The frame or chassis as is sometimes called is an important part on to which are assembled all the other parts that make up the motorbike. Apart from providing a framework the chassis is the component that is used to uniquely identify any motorbike. As such each has a unique number that is used in the eventual vehicle registration process. Ideally the front suspension system has a fork and tubes. The latter acts as the inbuilt suspension. All these pieces can be replaced


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The swingarm is an important section on which the rear suspension system is attached. This provides the mounting base for the rear wheel axle. On this component are attached the shocks. These can be double or single depending on the model of motorbike.

The chassis connects to the front wheel by the fork. This is what is used to steer the motorbike using the attached handle bars. An addition to this structure is the trail and rake that provides stability during riding.

The engine type is an internal combustion one. Commonly the single stroke type with one piston is available. However other models have a twin piston design. This piston is fitted within the combustion block and the engine is air cooled or may require a special coolant.

One of the most important pieces apart from the engine is the transmission. Typically the motorbike has a manually operated sequential transmission system. The engagement and disengagement is by a hand operated clutch system that is located on the handle bar. However there are models that have an automatic transmission system.

The wheels and braking systems also have a number of components. Generally the wheels may have an aluminum or steel rim. Some are wire type with a central hub while others have spokes. The tire is of pneumatic type and has various designs depending on the need and make of the motorbike. The brake system will be the typical drum type for the front and rear wheel. However there is also the disc type brake for both wheels. The ignition speedometer and odometer are assembled together for some models. At Honda Motorcycle Parts Sydney these and many other brand components are available at affordable prices.