Ryan Eagles by pinfall over Kit Osbourne after a brainbuster

Team Macktion (Kirby and TJ Mack) defeated The Best Around (TJ Cannon and Bruce Maxwell) by pinfall after a neckbreaker by Kirby.

Devon Moore defeats Drake Younger by pinfall after a vertebreaker

Sami Callihan defeats Alex Colon by pinfall to regain his spot in Best of The Best.

Drew Gulak defeats Danny Havok by pinfall via a crucifix roll-up

AKUMA defeats Scott Vortekz by pinfall

Jonathan Gresham defeated Rich Swann, Ryan McBride, Aaron Arbo, AR Fox and Ty Hagen

Greg Excellent vs. DJ Hyde - No Decision

“Best of The Best X” Qualifying Match “Best of The Best X” Qualifying Match Adam Cole (w / Mia Yim) defeated Pinkie Sanchez

CZW World Heavyweight Championship Match CZW World Heavyweight Championship...

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