There's only 5 episodes left till our big Episode 50 extravaganza. What does that mean? Well in the coming weeks we will be letting more and more information slide as to where our show is heading and what that means for our listeners.  But with that being said, let's get onto episode 45!

All is not well in C-bus.  As a fellow Buckeye fan, this one hits hard.  We'll be talking about the Carlos Hyde news and what this means for the Buckeyes. 

And what on earth is going on with the NCAA right now? Is the NCAA dissolving right before our eyes? We'll talk all we know about the current conditions of the NCAA and what this means for the major sports.

So tune into College Sports on TJR with Mike Durst and Mike Ayers this Wednesday night at 11pm est/ 8pm pst via our blogtalkradio site or chillax for a few minutes and it will appear on ITunes...which you should have subscribed to by now anyway!