Torrance, CA, 15-FEB-2013 - College Planning South Bay, Torrance CA college planning workshop, is pleased to help with dispelling some of the uncertainties and false information about how to preplan for college. Typically, in families with college-age children, the cost of education in institutions of higher learning is one of the most stressful financial burdens that is placed on the family.

One of the major myths to be removed by attending a college planning workshop is that of eligibility for financial aid. The ability to receive financial aid depends on family income, but it also is affected by the college costs. Colleges and universities that have a higher stated cost for tuition and fees can end up costing less in out-of-pocket monies.

A company spokesperson spoke recently to an interviewer about college planning, "Financial assistance is intended to bring the benefits of a college education within the reach of many families, even those who are considered to be higher income. In fact, there are certain types of scholarships and grants that are not linked to income. They are more often related to other factors such as scholastic achievement, community service or other elements."

The Torrance CA college planning workshop professionals work with both parents and students. Opening the viewpoint to understand that there are different types of aid and different ways to approach getting the necessary help is often enough to challenge the student to be more involved in the process. This may affect where a student chooses to attend school. The cheapest college may not offer the best course of study for a particular career path.

Another element of assistance provided by the professionals is in learning how to fill out application forms both to the institution of choice and to receive financial aid. Learning how to prepare for SAT tests and similar exams is another helpful service.

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