College Hoops experts are (were, still kinda are) in full frenzy mode about all the coaching changes going on. Guy’s taking jobs here, others turning down millions there; it’s fun to watch (by watch I mean read about). But it’s not just in the ACC or Pac 10 where coaching vacancies are topic of the month, let’s check out the situation in the pro game, starting at home with our Cavs.

Cleveland Cavaliers

Pros– Possibility of coaching the greatest player on the planet, loyal fanbase, deep pocketed owners who are willing to spend, and possible free agent manoeuvrability (87% chance I spelt that wrong) this summer.

Cons – Possibility of losing the greatest player on the planet, losing a fan base dedicated to the King, missing out on all free agents -bar Rudy Gay this summer.

Do I still...

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