What"s going chumps of the wrestling world, This is Devonte back with another article. This is probably going to seem a lot like the articles that almost every wrestling writer has made this week because quite frankly The Rock vs CM Punk is the hottest thing going in the Wrestling World right now. You have the best talker from the Attitude Era taking on the best talker in any wrestling era. This feud is already FAR BETTER than John Cena vs The Rock, and the Face vs Heel aspect of it is what's doing it for me.

On the 1000th episode of Monday Night Raw CM Punk gave Rocky a GTS that left The Rock laying in the ring and Punk turning heel. It was awesome to me. Not only did I want to see CM Punk vs Rock but I wanted Punk to be relevant again and to be the bad ass heel that I knew he could be. Don't get me wrong I liked Punk as a face because hes good in the ring and on the mic no matter what and had some freaking beast ass matches with the people he wrestled. Its just that Punk as a heel seems more like CM Punk the real life man.. He is arguably the best heel in the business, no offense to Roode, and now hes going one on one with my second favorite of the attitude era.

As a fan I screamed with joy and marked the fuck out in February of 2011 when The Rock returned. I knew he had to do some matches and I knew Cena would be the first one. However, I could tell that he held back in his promos against Cena, quite possibly because Vince McMahon asked him too since Cena is the Face of the WWE, and that he got tired pretty quickly in the WrestleMania match. The night after Mania however he delivered a promo like I knew he could and I was happy that he wasn't forced to hold back.

Fast forward to January 7th 2013, the first Raw of the year, and Punk cuts a beast ass pipe bomb promo only for The Great one to interrupt him. I was EXCITED because I knew it would be great with these two going back forth on one another, except the only thing was that The Rock got to speak a lot more than Punk. Rock made his usual jokes, along with the finally and all that stuff and I admit that i liked it and I laughed as i usually do with Rock but when Punk got back on the mic he owned The Rock in his little minute and a half speech and boy-oh-boy was i shocked. When he said that he would kick his ass every single time that Rock would come back it honestly sounded like he meant it, like he just flat out hates Johnson, it was awesome. Punks tone during the whole segment was just awesome. And then this:

"You're playing little league with your little insults and your rhymes and your millions and millions and your finallys, and I'm in the big leagues and I'm swinging for the fence. You need to understand that your little jabs and your insults, it's all kiddie games. You can't leave a mark on the champ's face. Come Royal Rumble, understand when you step in the ring your arms are just too short to box with God!"

He put Rock in his place and from there The Rock made more jokes but got super serious and even seemed a bit legit angry to me and delivered a Rock Bottom to end the segment. It was all awesome, I loved it and now they are coming to my home of Houston, TX and will most likely deliver another awesome segment. After all the Raw's and SmackDown's it's time for the Royal Rumble in which I hope Punk comes out victorious.

Thats all for this article folks you guys have a wonderful life.. DJ out