With a depth chart that's over-filled with front court talent, the Boston Celtics are going to need somebody to help coach that talent. In previous season's, if you got to the TD Garden early, you more than likely saw a BIG man in windpants helping out the likes of Glen Davis, Shelden Williams, and others. That man was Clifford Ray.

Clifford played 10 season's in the NBA with the Chicago Bulls and Golden State Warriors before becomming the "Big Man Coach" for the Boston Celtics. Anybody who has ever played under coach Ray attributed a lot of their to success to him. Kendrick Perkins, Glen Davis, and Kevin Garnett, just to name a few.

Unfortunately for the Boston Celtics, Ray may not be returning to the team this season. Julian Benbow of the Boston Globe just reported, via Twitter, that it is not looking like Ray will be returning to the Celtics bench this season.

Via Julian Benbow:

Word is that Clifford Ray won't be back on the Celtics bench this coming season.

Well...that really stinks. No Thibs, and no Clifford Ray. Looks like Doc is really going to earn his paycheck this season.