Cleveland Brown, founded in 1946, is one of America Football Conference (AAFC), in 1950 the team joined the NFL and AAFC merged Union.

"Brown" team name is a vote by the fans, is to commemorate the coach Paul Brown (Paul Brown). Coach Brown feel uncomfortable, so the team was renamed "Puma". But then a semi-professional teams are using this team name, so in every possible way to desperation, formerly known as Coach Brown agreed to back, and he also publicly show that it was not because he was taken at the time, there is a heavyweight boxer Joe Louis (Joe Louis) is known as the "Brown bomber.
When the the Browns still AAFC a time, they had won four Championship still 1950,1954,1955, and 1957 won the NFL championship.

Founded in 1946, the Browns in 1996, owner Art Mordell (Art Modell) migration to Baltimore to become the Baltimore Ravens, and the establishment in 1999 of the new Browns by Randolph Lerner (Randolph Lerner ) has a value of up to $ 900 million.