By Brad VanFossan


I'm embarrassed to say I'm a fan of the Cleveland Indians.  And anyone involved with the Cleveland Indians on or off the field should be embarrassed to say they are affiliated with them.  This team is a joke from the owner, to the president, to the general manager, to the players and all the way down to the farm system.  This team nickel and dimes more then Ben Franklin, if you're under 35 that probably went over your head but oh well.


This team is more concerned with turning their stadium into a place to sled and ice skate during the winter than they are with putting a good product on the field.  This team is more concerned with having an excessive amount of fireworks shows and dollar hot dog nights than they are signing a free agent in the off season at a position of need.  Finding a way to somehow get rid of the all of the tickets I have left for this season is the position I find myself in.  My father who when I was a kid, would listen to all the games on the radio in the basement of our house while building his model cars, doesn't even want to go see a game with me!  And he's not being a bad dad, it's just the apathy that has set in over the years with many fans of this team, and or former fans. 


Sure you're never supposed to give up on your team, but look at it like a relationship.  If you keep giving giving and giving, and you're girlfriend or boyfriend just takes takes takes or is just a bitch or an a-hole, well usually you end the relationship right?  You don't stick around and keep taking a beating.  I think sports should be the same way.  The Indians need to earn my respect and give me a reason to want to continue courting them.  They should tickle my fancy so to speak.  Well this team isn't fancy nor do they tickle me or give me goose bumps.  But they do make me sick. 


Larry Dolan is a terrible owner, and Larry Dolan is as cheap as they come.  Mark Shapiro and Chris Antonetti, President and General Manager of the Indians respectfully (and I use that term in the way a gay person respects Chick-Fil-A) are his yes men.  They make sure they don't sign players to God forbid multiple year contracts that would give the team good players and a chance to win for more than one or two years at a time.  Mark and Chris do everything Larry tells them that helps to line his pockets while they churp to the media that the team will spend once the fans start showing up.  Well guess what guys?  The fans are done showing up, and they can see right through all of you, like if Octomom was claiming to be invisible.  We don't want anymore bobbleheads or dollar dog nights, or shitty Michael Stanley and Donnie Iris concerts, we want players that are actually good and under 38 years old.  Build a damn winner and watch that cash come in.  Period.


If you don't want to do this Mr. Dolan, take heed from Randy Lerner, now minority owner of the Cleveland Browns, and put the team up for sale.  I'm tired of being ashamed of this team.