"Ali's daughter met me in Vegas before the birthday party. I showed Ali the card (above), business card. He looked at the back of it and he said, 'You know I told you, I don't like this picture. Look at the back of the card. It's him down in the ninth round. I've been giving him the same picture for 35 years [smiles]. Every time I see him I give it to him."

Scoop: Your comments on Manny Pacquiao. I know you think so highly of him.

Chuck Wepner: "Well, personally, I think Pacquiao is a great, great fighter and a great guy. He was at Ali's birthday too. Bob Arum flew him out. We were talking and everything. I don't think he should continue to fight. He proved everything he has to prove. He could be the next President of the Philippines if he wanted to. And he's a great guy. I would hate to see him continue too long and get hurt."

Scoop: But it's hard to go out like he did losing to Marquez by KO. He deserves to go out a winner.

Chuck Wepner: "Yeah, that's true. Everybody would like to go out as a winner. And I'm sure with this fight now (vs. Brandon Rios in November) he thinks he can win. But God forbid something happens and he loses, then he's got a problem. I don't know. It's up to him."

Scoop: Just have to hope the Boxing Gods are in his corner.

Chuck Wepner: "Yeah, I hope he wins too. Because he's a great guy."