Chris Leben the king of the mediocrity. Why do I say that and further more why is this guy still employed at the UFC?

Most of us first heard of Leben when he appeared on the original Ultimate Fighter. We saw this guy first of act like an obnoxious jerk and lose both of his fights on the show. Also he took the time to make sure to remind one of the fighters that he beat him in a previous fight. So during the TUF final show Chris is on the under card and wins and goes on a nice win streak then losing to Anderson Silva. After that he wins when it's the good fighters he's up against. However anytime they place him against one of the elites or great fighters he gets the tar beat out of him. Jason Macdonald submitted him with ease and worst of all Leben got completely knocked out at the hands of Brian Stann. Don't get me wrong I think that Leben is good but he will NEVER be a champion

I think the only reason that Leben is where he is that damn reality show. Most of the fighters that were on the show even ones that win lets say 40 % of their fights will have longer contracts because seeing them week after week do tend to burn them into your memory.

Now at ufc 132 Leben will be taking on the legendary Wanderlei Silva. While I do wish Leben the best of luck and yes I know that Silva is at the tail end of his career that said I don't think that Leben has a prayer. I would still count Wanderlei as one of the elites in the world and Leben has done VERY bad against those fighters. I don't see that improving.