One of the biggest college football games of the season will come this Saturday when number four Oregon hosts number nine Stanford. This game will be one of the more high scoring games of the college football season.

If Andrew Luck doesn't get pressured by the Oregon defense Stanford will roll over the Ducks. The other option is if Oregon gets pressure on Luck Oregon will score 50 to 70 points. If I had to pick a winner it would have to be the Oregon Ducks in dominating fashion.

Even though the Cardinal have had a great defense so far this season, I don't think they will be able to stop Darron Thomas and the Ducks' read option offense. Also, I think Lamichael James can out-run fullback/linebacker Owen Marecic in the flat.

Oregon has the number one offense in the NCAA while Stanford has a top ten defense. Oregon will be able to torch the Cardinal with quarterback Darron Thomas being the difference maker. Now, let's flip over to how the Ducks defense can and will stop Andrew Luck and the Cardinal offense.

One thing that Oregon has that Stanford doesn't is speed, while Stanford has power. Maybe I have to remind fans that Stanford great Toby Gerhart is gone and in the NFL with the Vikings. Andrew Luck needs to have a balanced running attack, which they don't. Sorry Stanford, speed will overpower power on Saturday at Autzen Stadium.

Let's got through my position by position predictions for the Cardinal vs Ducks game.

Quarterback- Stanford

Running Back- Oregon

Wide Reciever- Stanford

Offensive Line- Oregon

Defensive Line- Stanford

Linebackers- Stanford

Defensive Backs- Oregon

Special Teams- Oregon

Intangibles- Oregon

Coaching- Stanford

Homefield Advantage- Oregon

It goes all the way down to playing at Autzen Stadium for the Ducks to come out with a victory over Stanford. The key to the game will be the Stanford defense trying to stop Darron Thomas and Lamichael James with the read option offense of the Ducks.

This game will be one of the instant classics of the college football season. Look for the Oregon Ducks offense, led by future Heisman contender Darron Thomas to be chopping down some trees on Saturday.