Dealing with the loss of an animal that was a beloved member of the family can be a very traumatic experience. They leave a void in the hearts and lives of all who cherished them. Some people find that choosing pet markers that uniquely represents their companion helps to make the heartache a bit more tolerable.

The grieving process is a personal thing and varies with each person experiencing it. Many people find that creating some sort of memorial that represents their animal's personality, and the impact they made on the lives of those who loved them, eases the transition. This is a way for the owners to say farewell to their pets, yet always keep their memory alive.

A classic headstone is a time honored tradition that many people still consider the only proper way to say goodbye. However, this option is not as straight forward and simple as it once was. From the size to the style and the design, most every aspect of this type of memorial can be fully customized.

The most used material for headstones is granite because it is a versatile and durable substance that will easily stand the test of time. Most people think that this means they will only be able to have a standard gray marker, but this is no longer the case. This stone now comes in colors like red, pink, green and black, all of which can be done in either the matte or high polish finish.

Whether being done as a traditional upright headstone or as a flush marker, this material can be cut in any one of many shapes, thicknesses and sizes. Photographs can be added to the monument either through an etching technique or with an embedded brass frame. Names and other information may be chiseled in or done with a laser, depending on the final look the client desires.

Some people prefer to step outside of tradition and use a bit of creativity when designing their memorials. There are so many options such as special wind chimes that are made to represent the pet or even flagstones and river rocks that have been engraved and used as part of a flowerbed or as a step in a pathway. Another popular choice in modern times is having metal plates made that can be placed on posts, or hung on trees as a special dedication.

A lot of owners choose to have their pets cremated because they want to be close to them even after they have left this world. For this option, there are literally thousands of different housing opportunities including, but not limited to, the traditionally reverent urn. A classic wooden box may be decorated and engraved in special ways or perhaps one would like to try something completely modern like a figurine of the animal or a photo cube.

There are no shortage of options when it comes to specialized pet markers for commemorating a lost and treasured animal. From the classic and traditional, to the uniquely modern, something can be found to represent how special the companion was and always will be. Keeping the memories alive while saying a precious farewell is what these items are all about.

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