Weddings are expensive and it can take a while to get finances back on an even footing. When it comes to buying 1st wedding anniversary gifts funds can be scarce, but if you choose wisely, they need not cost a fortune. The important thing is to show your partner that you love them and remember your special wedding day.

Traditionally the first wedding anniversary gift should be something paper. Finding something with romantic overtones made from from paper can require a bit of creativity. The following tips or suggestions on gift ideas can be useful in helping you find the right present for your loved one.

One of the most important items you will buy, is the anniversary card. The recipient will know if you have put thought and care into choosing the card, if the style of card fits with their personality. You should know them well enough to decide if they like romantic, comedy or inspirational cards. You can always gain a few extra gold stars if you take the time and put the effort into producing a unique and individual card.

The temptation when buying tickets for a special event such as a concert or a show is to go for something you would like. This is one time when you should be prepared to put your likes aside and make sure that the event is one your partner will enjoy. Booking a special meal for before of after the event is also a nice touch. If the finances will stretch to a nice hotel room for the night, it can make it a really special day.

Scrap books are a great way to record special events throughout a life-time. Starting a scrap book that can be added to every year showing how you celebrate your anniversaries, is something you should both share and look back on. Add to it throughout the year to record special events for you both. It provides a history of all your good times together, for your kids and grandchildren.

Special events vouchers keep to the tradition of paper gifts. You can book something you know your partner would love to do, but would never book for them-self. If you present them with a voucher for that flying lesson, or professional cookery course they have hankered after, you will store up points in their good book. If they are not that adventurous, but have a favorite hobby, you can buy them a subscription to a magazine for their hobby.

When you really cannot come up with a unique idea, you can always fall back on the usual chocolates, wine and flowers for a gift. If you want to show you have spent some time and thought on the gift, you can always try your hand at flower arranging with silk or paper flowers. They will last much longer than fresh flowers and you can always choose an attractive ready made display if you cannot cope with being creative.

Unless you have gone around with blinkers on for the last year, you should have a fairly good idea of your partners likes and dislikes. Keep what you have learned about them in mind, and it should not be too hard to find a suitable gift that they will love. Choosing your 1st wedding anniversary gifts with care can save you from a lot of earache in the future.

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