Outdoor clothing, warm clothing, fleece jacket pants play a very important role, and possession of an unshakable position. The fleece fabric has the advantages of light weight, excellent thermal performance, and has not absorbed sweat, easy perspiration. Cheap north face fleece jacket prices ranging from dozens to several thousand dollars, here brands factors aside, in fact, the fleece itself is good or bad is also directly related to the impact of the price of the fleece jacket.

The purpose is to fleece garments are mainly divided into two categories, a single warm class Fleece, the characteristics of such Fleece suede outside, soft and comfortable, but we know that based on the warm principle, warm fluffy substance in the body around layer does not flow in the air layer is formed, the use of air is a poor conductor of heat for warmth. Type of fleece wearing must be outside in fleece jacket with a windproof layer wearing. The second category is windproof fleece garments, windproof fleece by definition, is the ability to directly Waichuan itself will be able to play the wind effect, windproof fleece that there are two types, one is in grasping Yung layer windproof membrane , such as increased WINDSTOPER polyester type film, the second category is the use of the density of the fabric itself to reach the wind effect, by contrast, I personally recommend this windproof fleece more, compared to the use of fabric density to achieve the windbreak effect windproof fleece permeability is much better than the former. However windproof fleece universal disadvantage is that the fabric will be rather hard result feel will be greatly reduced.

Fleece fact and many cheap north face jackets fabric, there are some professional companies will produce the special fleece fabric in response to the professional market. Here recommended Polartec series fleece Mills company, changed the company also designed other apparel fabrics, but fleece is any other company, are difficult to match. Polartec fleece products classified very fine, broad of TNF, MHW, Archaeopteryx, and many of the world's top enterprise applications on their fleece clothing products, based on the different uses Polartec fleece into focused mainly breathable aspects, focused warmth effects, focusing on lightweight several categories. See the clothing fabric tag wearing learned the clothing focus and the main adaptation environment at the time of purchase.

Fleece clothing when encountered brands are not familiar with, there is no fabric tag or do not know much about the fabric, first we need to look at the fleece jacket work, such as the car line is uniform and regular, the closing line the thrum whether hidden handled properly whether the key parts of the suture strengthening, and the second is to look at whether the cut of the garment decent symmetry wearing convenience and freedom of movement, after which depends on the fabric, fabric First of all, we see whether Bohou uniform, the color is uniform, then there is a contrast to the larger fabric Cengceng look at the Fleece whether hair loss, and the third is to look at other clothing accessories, such as how the zipper gluing quality to determine the overall quality of the clothing.

Fleece discount north face jackets is the outdoor warm layer protagonist, to a certain extent, fleece garments are more important than the Jackets.