In 1947, Alexander Kalashnikov designed the AK-47 assault rifle. His invention was aimed at maintaining peace in the world but it has been abused. The rifle is commonly found in the possession of many people, both lawfully and unlawfully. The wooden parts on the AK-47 handguards can be refinished and re-stained to make them last long, even when used in very hard circumstances.

This can be achieved in a number of simple and common ways. One of them is by the use of food color used in the kitchen. The wooden parts are detached from the rest of the rifle and then sanded under warm water to expose the bare wood. This process removes the current finish leaving the wood ready to receive fresh coating.

In order to get the expected result, you will need to apply the food coloring a number of times. The initial result might make you worried as it turns the wood pink. This should not deter you as it will improve with continued application. You should wait until the new coat is dry before applying a fresh one. Continue applying the coats of color until a powdery finish is achieved. This should then be left for about one hour to dry.

After applying enough number of food color coverings, seal the wood with tung oil. This is spread out on the wood using an appropriate piece of cloth. The oil should then be left to dry which might take several hours. You should then buff the wood using 00-grade steel wool, before another coat of oil can be applied. The drying process should in this case be done for the entire night.

You can apply as many coats of the food color as you want. However, four or five are the least that will give a satisfying result. Some people apply up to twelve coats which give the wood better appearance and protection against any condition it will be exposed to.

Other household fluids can be used as an alternative to the food color. A common fluid used in this way is the stuff used for tie-dye. This is applied lightly using a piece of cloth or brush. Its appearance when wet will be the same when it is finished with spray polyurethane. The polyurethane should be sprayed rather than wiped as wiping takes away some of the color.

The process of sanding the wood may be tedious and cumbersome to some people. You can avoid this process by using other methods to achieve the same result. One of the common alternatives is the use of acetone. This is a chemical that should be handled with care as it can be harmful if it gets into the eyes or onto the skin.

You are free to experiment and improvise various way of taking care of your AK-47 handguards. All the methods will give you the results you expect. They will also preserve the wooden parts of the rifle for a long time. When making a choice of the method to use, take precaution regarding your safety. Some of the methods and items used can cause harm to you and the surroundings.

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