Javier Hernandez

Javier (Chicharito) Hernandez was named Univision Republica Deportiva Mero Mero the Year for 2010.

He defeated the other candidates such as Leo Messi, Andy Najar, Cain Velasquez, and Diego Forlan

Hernandez received the award from one of the hosts Felix Fernandez shortly after Mexico defeated Bosnia-Herzegovina in a friendly in Georgia.

He expressed his gratitude towards the public who voted for him as well as for Univision and Republica Deportiva.

Hernandez expressed his surprise but was joyful when he received the award. He dedicated the award to his family and supporters.

I cannot contain the joy within my heart and soul upon seeing the news on TV. Chicharito Hernandez deserved the award for his rapid rise within the Premier League in less than a year with Manchester United.

He has won the hearts, minds, and soul of Manchester, England, and the rest of Europe. Hernandez has been a prolific and consistent scorer and player with United.

While others deserve credit, he has helped Manchester United remain on the top of the Premier League. Hernandez is also learning about Premier League Football from the best.

Javier (Chicharito) Hernandez has earned his place in football/soccer history in Mexico, England, and the US Latin Community (who support him).

My congratulations to Javier (Chicharito) Hernandez for the 2010 Univision Republica Deportiva Mero Mero Award.

Univision, Republica Deportiva, and Mero Mero

For those who are curious about Univision, Republica Deportiva, and the Mero Mero Award, here is a brief synposis.

Univision is a US Latin TV and Radio Conglomerate that transmitted the 2010 FIFA World Cup in the American Continent.

The station has a program called Republica Deportiva (Spanish for Sports Republic) which deals with all sports including football/soccer. The hosts are Fernando Fiore, Rosanna Franco, and Felix Fernandez.

The program has three principal senators whose names are Carolina Mc Callister, Alba Galindo, and  Natalia. The senators are there to answer letters from their fans and those of the program.

The senators have also helped humanitarian causes such as helping the earthquake victims in Haiti within the previous year.

Republica Deportiva also has a Miss Republica Deportiva whose name is Cynthia Pina.

Republica Deportiva has an ambassador in Spain whose name is Carmen Laura who reports news about La Liga and other sporting events in Spain.

There is also a segment of the program in which certain fans are selected to express their opinion of the football/soccer news of the day.

Every year, the program and TV Station nominates a Mero Mero of the Year. The viewers submit their vote via Internet and the person with the most votes receives the award.

If there are people who want more information about Chicharito Hernandez and the Mexican presence in the Premier League, this is a program that is recommended. The only suggestion is to see if your cable company has subtitles since the program is in Spanish.