To quote Heath Ledger as the Joker in The Dark Knight, "Why so serious?"

It is a question that has been asked of Jonathan Toews a lot over his seven seasons in the NHL. Since being named captain of the Blackhawks in only his second NHL season, the "Captain Serious" nickname has been used a lot.

But as of late, the 25-year old, two time Stanley Cup and Gold medal winner hasn't been all that serious. In fact he has been down right happy and even smiling during games. A perfect example is the picture above after he scored the second goal against the Penguins which ended up being the game winner.

And don't think these actions have gone unnoticed. In fact Toews was asked about it after the game Saturday night.

 Q.  Were you trying to lose your "Captain Serious" moniker?  You were jumping on every single goal that was scored.  You even jumped on to the bench like a Lambeau leap type of play.  You were just having a ball out there, weren't you? 
        JONATHAN TOEWS:  I've been trying to lose that one for a while.  But, no, I think the celebration on the first goal, Sharpie, I already saw a funny picture where I knew he was going to jump into me, and I think Nick Leddy got caught right in the middle.  Like I said, we were just excited to score a goal in the first.  It was a great feeling to be able to get our team on the board and the excitement just kind of carried on for the rest of the game.  I guess I definitely got caught up in it a little bit. 

So clearly Toews is not a fan of the nickname and might even appreciate a new one. This is interesting because in the NBA, Kevin Durant also isn't a fan of a new nickname and tried giving himself a new one. I can't imagine Toews ever giving himself a nickname. One reason is because he doesn't seem like that type of guy and two because I think his teammates would rip him endlessly for it.

Now the question is, what would be a good nickname for Toews? Or is it more likely that the Capt Serious nickname will stay forever? I personally feel that Capt Serious isn't going anywhere but I am open to hearing suggestions.