I am going to be very honest, at the beginning of the year I never expected I would be putting Bears in playoffs together. I much more expected to be writing something how Lovie Smith, Jerry Angelo & Co. have been fired and how the Bears need to go out and get real football in here. Well I will admit I was wrong. I still have no faith in Lovie or the general manager but I like the coaching staff as a whole. This might be the most talented coaching staff the Bears have had since the '85 Bears.

So they made the playoffs and they locked up the two seed so the big question is who will they play. I'm going to run through all the possible matchups and when they might face them.

First the only two teams the Bears can now play January 16 at Soldier Field is the Falcons and Packers. Only time the Bears will see either team is in the NFC Championship game. If the Bears get that far they would play the Falcons in Atlanta and would host the Packers. Since the Falcons are the One seed they get the lowest seeded team after this first round and therefore Bears get highest seed left.

Ok so who can they play. If Eagles win that is it. Eagles are the three seed and if they win they will travel to Chicago for a rematch with the Bears. No way around it, only way Bears play someone else is if Packers upset Eagles. So If Packers win then the Bears would host the winner of the Seahawks vs Saints. If 7-9 NFC West champion Seahawks win then it would be another rematch for the Bears. Does it bother anyone else that the 11-5 Bears are one of those 7 wins. What a joke the NFC West is, at least if the Rams had won it would have been a young team but with Seahawks I really have no way of describing them except bad. If the Saints win then we get a rematch of the NFC Championship game a few years back. I don't want anything to do with the Saints. The defending champs are playing their best ball of the year and got healthy at the right time. I feel they are being overlooked by most so will be interesting to see what they can do. So that's it, Bears can play either Eagles, Seahawks or Saints and can host NFC championship game if Falcons lose.

I'm going to save my prediction until we know how this week plays out and we know who is coming to town.