Last BlogPoll of the season and it's a lot like hitting the reset button. Pay no mind to the delta's in this case. With four weeks elapsed since the last poll, this was really a re-ranking at the end of the season.

What might make for a more interesting comparison is how this poll looks compared to the first poll of the season. It's not pretty.

Rank Team 1 Alabama 2 Florida 3 Texas 4 Boise State 5 TCU 6 Ohio State 7 Iowa 8 Cincinnati 9 Oregon 10 Georgia Tech 11 Penn State 12 Brigham Young 13 Virginia Tech 14 Nebraska 15 Pittsburgh 16 Wisconsin 17 Utah 18 Miami (Florida) 19 LSU 20 Mississippi 21 Texas Tech 22 Central Michigan 23 Southern Cal 24 ...

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