I'm by no means worried about the Cavaliers current three game losing streak. The Cavs beat the Magic the first two times they played this season, and to expect a season sweep of Orlando would be a bit greedy, especially while trying to workJamison in on the fly. And while the loss today was disappointing, there werecertainly some positivedevelopments, of which I'll get to below.But first, I have to say this:its time for Anthony Parkertodo what he was brought in to do for this team-provide depth at the guardposition...off the bench.

Delonte for Parker:

With all this change going on as the Cavaliers re-assmeblefor thestretch-run,you might as well makeone more now and go with it: re-insert Delonte West into thestarting line-up.He played 35 minutes a game last season, and if the Cavaliers...

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